The Netherlands


Intermodal Services

We offer our customers high frequency, efficient and sustainable inland shipping and rail connections between Rotterdam and a growing network of inland terminals through European Gateway Services (EGS).



Extended Gate Services

Utilising the functionality of our inland-terminal network has allowed us to create 'extended gates’ -- direct extensions of the deep-water terminals in Rotterdam and other seaports. As there is no need to arrange customs formalities in the port, transit becomes even shorter.



Inland Terminal Services

We have an extensive network of inland terminals that are connected to deep-water terminals. At the inland terminals many additional services are available, such as handling, empty depot, customs, fumigation, storage and transport.




EGS offers a growing number of e-services via its website and its EGS E-Gate app. Services include “container status” and “object status”. Other e-services include service notifications, tracking and tracing as well as push notification.




With “Maasvlakte Transport”, EGS has its own road haulier, offering last-mile trucking and transport between the deep-water terminals, customs scan, empty depots and warehouses on the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam. At the inland terminals last mile trucking is part of the terminal services EGS offers to its customers.