Hutchison Logistics is not only a full service international logistics services provider, we also have specialists focus on particular market segment:



We provides Consolidation Centre in China (CCC) to our customers. Aside from providing storage, consolidation and related VAS, we also provide an end-to-end logistics solution to cater for the special need of individual toy manufacturers, including but not limited to trucking, freight arrangement and on-forwarding to final destination. With our customized logistics solution and unique port network support, we provide seamless connectivity for these cargoes to go from our warehouse to their final destination with unparalleled cargo visibility. 


Health and Beauty

We provide solutions to help deliver their cargoes from origins to destination based on individual market requirements. We also provide total cargo visibility by integrating our tracking system to customer’s management system, this allow customer to easily access the cargo availability and also provide PO management capability.



We provide the logistics solutions from origins to destinations, from materials to finished products.


Recycle Materials

We help to transport and provide inspection facilities for recycle materials in HK to facilitate shipper’s import in fulfilling government regulations and permits requirement.

Everyday, we help customers solving day-to-day partical problems. Our goal is to build long-term partnerships and work closely with our customers, and continuing to implement new logistics solutions to our customers with real competitive advantage.